Biskit - Artist, Promoter



     Biskit never wanted to be a rapper. His dream was to make beats and stay behind the lime light. But one day, drunk in Statik's basement, he spit on the mic. Statik was impressed. Though Biskit wasn't, the Godfather saw a lot of potential in him and after some convincing, Biskit started to see it too. It wasn't long until the two started making music together. 

     Biskit started out with Statik in a group called Fuckd Up Shxt. It was a group compromised of Statik, his brother Venom, Biskit, and three other homies. The goal: Piss people off. They made probably the most vile music to exist to this day and almost got in trouble over a girl trying to kill herself in an indirect link to their music. While it was totally up Statik's alley, it wasn't Biskit's cup of tea.

     Statik and Biskit decided to create a group called Free Base about life and hard times. The mixtape was coming along beautifully, but Statik began to fear Free Base - in all it's dopeness - would be left in PRESCRxpTION's shadow. Biskit was inducted into the ranks of PRx and put the finishing touches on America's High. Unfortunately, his lifestyle caught up to him right as PRx began to blow up.

     Biskit spent over 9 months in county jail while PRESCRxPTION made a name for itself. Though crowds would chant "FREE BISKIT" and hear a song after every set, it wasn't enough. When he finally got out, people went crazy over his return and PRx was doing amazing. He stayed away from trouble for a good amount of time while PRx was poppin'. They decided to take the break, and Biskit decided to focus on his solo music.

     While MC Viruz started the 'solo bug', it was Biskit who came out running. Whereas Viruz and Statik already had a foundation laid for their solo work, Biskit had never pushed his solo music out at live shows until this time. At local shows, MC Viruz and Biskit would each do a solo set, and then Statik would use his time to do a PRESCRxPTION set before finally deciding to go solo himself. They all tucked away and began writing the new Rx sound that is about to blow some wigs off, and also got back to work and making sure the bills were paid. Biskit has since joined the team as an artist and reps RhymeSick all day.


Name: Biskit
Mistah Biskits

Fuck'd Up ShxT (2008) (with Statik G)
Cell Block Stories vol 1 (2010) (Death Lab Productions)
America's High - PRESCRxPTION (2011) (Death Lab Productions)
Way of Life (2012) (Independent w/ Joe Campbell)
Shoot Me Up wit Hip Hop (2014) (BeastEater Musick/RhymeSick Records)
Cide Effects - PRESCRxPTION (TBA) (RhymeSick Records/Death Lab Productions)
Kritikal Noise vol 1 [All Black] (2015) (RhymeSick Records)
Lethal Injection (2016) (RhymeSick Records)