Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is RhymeSick?
A: RhymeSick is an entertainment company designed by Statik G with his partner Joe Campbell in October, 2013, and made official in January (Statik Entertainment at the time) with the unveiling of Shop Statik (now myRhymeSick Merchandise).

Q: Why does RhymeSick have so many names like RhymeSick Records, RhymeSick Studios, and RhymeSick Films to start?
A: I'll help spell that out here. Every company that is now RhymeSick started out by specific individuals on their own path that came into contact with Statik G and his team. RhymeSick is the name we all rep and that you know. The brand. The official umbrella that houses everything else we do.  RhymeSick Entertainment is who we are; it's the business. RhymeSick Records is our record label (previously Statik Entertainment) and is the home for all of our musicians and artists. RhymeSick Films is our film and photography division (previously BlueBird Productions) and RhymeSick Studios (previously BeastEater Musick) is our sound engineering and production center. We also run myRhymeSick, our home for all things merchandise and audio, have a beat store in the works with RhymeSick x Play Cuzzin. On top of all that, we run RhymeSick Sound and Lights in Wyoming and Colorado, able to be contracted anywhere in the midwest.


Q: Where was RhymeSick created?
A: We were founded in Casper, WY but officially opened our office in Aurora, CO.


Q: Is PRESCRxPTION a part of RhymeSick Records?
A: At this time, not exactly. Statik G and Biskit remain members, but the group is not necessarily signed to any label. All CDs will however be distributed and sold by RhymeSick as well as other outlets, so you won't have to go to a ton of different sites, stores, or shows to get what you need! There is no project being worked on, but there is plans to rejoin in the future.


Q: Who is on the label?
A: Statik G (President of RhymeSick, artist); Dizzle (signed artist/manager); Fade (signed artist/promoter); Doc Suess (artist/promoter); Biskit (signed artist/promoter); Gem (signed artist/part of Monster City); Mesn (artist/part of Monster City); AlpHaMatic (signed artist); Miss Behave; (signed vocalist); Jeneration (signed artist); Dizzle (signed artist)

Q: Where does RhymeSick Records perform?
A: Currently, just the United States. You never know though, the music is being heard all across the globe.


Q: How can I book the RhymeSick Records artist(s) for my show?
A: We are always open to shows, and the cost depends on who you want, how far your show is, and if we're on tour or not - but we remain one of the most affordable acts in the underground! For more information, see the Booking section.


Q: Can I get a RhymeSick artist on a collaboration for my song?
A: Yezzir - we also offer affordable verses and/or hooks for any serious inquirers. To find out more, see the Collaboration section. 


Q: How many CDs have been released under RhymeSick?
A: So far, Slightly Sober, The Bad Guy, (Statik G) Status Unstable (AlpHaMatic), Faded Static (Fade, Statik G), Kill4Free (DJ Funksway), Move Around (Dizzle), and Blood, Sweat, and Cheers (Venom), Black Trash (Fade), No Place Like Home (Gem), Mesn (Osiris) are released with plenty of upcoming releases.


Q: What projects are coming up for RhymeSick?
A: Plenty. We have a new CD by Dizzle coming soon, Biskit's new Kritikal Noise vol. 1, Jeneration's newest CD, AlpHaMatic's Stick's to Stages, Doc Suess' Chemically Dependent Emotionally Vacant, Fade's Brock Christian, Statik G is putting out All Out of Normal Act II, Monster City is working on their first group album and debut RhymeSick release as a duo, PLUS MUCH more!


Q: I'm an aspiring underground artist and want to sign with RhymeSick - how do I do that?
A: Unfortunately, we're still not looking to sign any artists. Then again, we didn't plan on signing anyone in the first place, so there's always a chance! Just keep working hard and if an opening become available, we may be hitting you up next! But please, don't ask if you know we aren't looking, or get offended when we say we're not signing. Ain't nobody got time fa dat.

Q: Where can I buy merchandise and get RhymeSick gear?
A: You can find all that at www.myRhymeSick.com

Q: When will RhymeSick be coming to my city?
A: We're always on the move; we could be coming to your city soon! To find out, the easiest way is to stay up-to-date with RhymeSick.com as well as the artist(s) Facebook pages - they're your catch-all spot to find out the scoop on whatever you need to know. If we aren't coming any time soon, or if we haven't ever performed in your area, then find a local promoter and spread the word about us! Let 'em know we'd rock a show and maybe we'll be able to come out. 


Q: Would RhymeSick Films do any work for me/my group?
A: Yes. Arrangements to meet and for payments can be made, just contact us!


Q: Is RhymeSick a horrocore label or a hip hop label?
A: Neither. We're just a label that supports good music and real talent (although the music can get on the darker side, especially when it's Statik's music). Statik G provides raw hip hop, pure horrorcore, and sex n drug music all mixed into one style while Fade is more of an old school, smooth sounding hip hop. Doc Suess is a awalking 16 bar verse laced with bars every line. Jeneration has a unique sound as well that brings his sound to the underground. Dizzle hits the heart while Biskit shakes the ground - plus we have the majestic sounds of Monster City bringing in that RhymeSick Nation style hip hop we're serving. Future artists may bring something new to the table. The bottom line is, if you're good at what you do as an artist, you fit in with us. If you're tired of whack music getting played everywhere you go, we got something for you - shit, we got something for everyone.



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