Welcome to RhymeSick, home of real talent and raw lyricism. Statik G says it best, "Music is like therapy. I like to think of myself as a doctor.. How can I help you?" 

  Gem of Monster City, Biskit, Statik G, Doc Suess, Mesn of Monster City during the All Out of Normal Tour

        RhymeSick began as a way for Statik G to put out his music and promote it in the most effective way possible, but it quickly grew to something else. What was Statik Entertainment at the time was no longer just an outlet for Statik's music, it became a hub for all sorts of other entertainment related projects. After networking and meeting several other independent artists like producers, photographers and designers, we joined forces and worked side by side with these people until a convergence was made. All these entity's collaborated for over a year until they became RhymeSick. We dug through the underground and found some of the most underrated and stylized hip hop artists, and are finally climbing our way up to the top together. In addition to all that, we've grown beyond just a label, but now offer studio time, sound and light rental, promotion, booking, beat production, and much more! 



 (Top) Jeneration, Statik G's younger brother and second artist signed to the label.
(Bottom) Fade, RhymeSick's first artist, signed back when it was Statik Entertainment 


     Considering we're a young label, we've got a lot of information to share with you! If you're looking for info on a specific artist, you can find biographies on all of them under the Biography tab. Our current roster includes OK's Dizzle, WY's Doc Suess, AlpHaMatic, Jeneration, Miss Behave, and Fade, CO's Mesn/Gem aka Monster City, as well as Statik G (also signed with LSP). If you're looking for music and want to hear some of what we've done in the past, you can find that here as well at our Music page! We also offer many services that are open for residents of CO like studio work, sound/light rental, and booking!


 (Top) Dizzle of OK, RhymeSick's first artist signed outside of WY
(Bottom) Monster City (Gem/Mesn with partner in iLL Advisory, Thumper) of Denver, CO. They were the first group signed to the label and the first artists signed who got their start in CO

     That's not all! We have merchandise for you as well! Head to myRhymeSick to grab you and your family some of that gear so you can rep at the next big show! You can find our artist's official music videos at the Music Video tab, you can keep up with all of our local and national shows at our Calendar (and even find out when/where), check out some photos under the Gallery, a few press/reviews articles in the past, and we even have a few extras for you if you have some time to kill. We have hours worth of digging and even more worth of listening so don't be afraid to look into your favorite artist and keep up with RhymeSick events! 


  (Top) Biskit, who previously worked with Statik G with their old group, PRESCRXPTION, signed with RhymeSick after going solo
(Bottom) Doc Suess, previously of BeastEater Musick, signed and began helping Statik G make a mark in CO.. Now along with Biskit and Mesn, he stepped up to management, helping Statik G and Joe extend their reach even farther




     So what is RhymeSick? RhymeSick is a feeling. A sound. A movement. It cannot be identified as one, but as many. RhymeSick is home for our artists and for our fans. We are the RhymeSick Nation, soldiers in the hip hop revolution. We've become family in the short amount of time we've been pounding the pavement as a collective. One thing that separates us from most: music comes first.  


     "[RhymeSick] isn't about horrorcore or hip hop, rock, pop, or whatever. It's about good music and raw talent. The world may not like everything [RS] drops, but I guarantee it'll respect it...it's hard to deny we're about to do something big. Don't miss out on what we have to offer in the future -- shit's gonna be tight!" -- Statik G

  Statik G, President of RhymeSick