Jeneration - Artist, Promoter

    Jeneration got his start rapping shortly after his older brother, Statik G. His brother bought out Unlevel Production's studio and began building his own in his mom's basement when Venom was about 15 years old. He could only listen to Statik tear up the mic downstairs for so long before he needed to get on it. Statik quickly threw "Lil Venom" (his alias at the time) on a few of his tracks. 

     Statik got offered a chance to perform in 2008 by MC Viruz, but didn't have any experience performing. He also didn't know very many people, being a reclusive outcast most of his life. Venom knew everyone in town and was dying to get on stage -- it seemed to fit perfectly. Lil Venom hyped up his eldest brother that night and began rocking stages with him show after show, until work got too busy. Around that time, Lil Venom became Venom, and also put his hype man days behind him. Statik hired Biskit to fill the roll, and Venom continued writing for his solo album. 

     After a few years of being caught up in work, Venom had recorded almost 2 CDs worth of good music but still hadn't released it. He'd been performing on days off, still keeping his face and name where it belonged but he couldn't seem to get enough time off to make his career in music shine. Right about the time Statik moved back to Colorado to pursue music, Venom quit his 'away-from-home' job for a less paying job that kept him in town. 

     He changed his name to Jeneration and started taking his music seriously. Currently, Jeneration is working to release his first official album. He achieved his goal and stepped out of his brother's shadow to present a sound the 307 hasn't heard yet. After 7 years of performing and rapping, he has amassed a catalog that could fill several mixtapes, but this will be his first release and it's expected to be highly celebrated in the 307. The locals have been waiting forever to get a chance to hear what Jeneration's got and in 2014 they'll finally get their chance.

      Jeneration officially signed with RhymeSick Records on 3/7/2014, only 9 days before Statik's birthday. His first release was released on RhymeSick and the Jensen Brother's first ever collab album will also be released sometime in 2014 or early 2015. He marks the second artist to sign with RhymeSick.


Venom Underground


Name: Jeneration
Scuba Steve

Blood, Sweat, and Cheers (RhymeSick Records)
Positively Negative (Statik G and Jeneration) - 2016 (RhymeSick Records)