The Dons

The Dons. Together they pull the strings and bring to you the many sides of RhymeSick! Like the gears in a ticking clock, each person has their definitive role in keeping RS in all of your minds. Team #RhymeSick brings you new music, fresh gear, and a new take on what it means to start from the bottom. These are the people that working day and night behind the scenes to bring you RhymeSick in full force!

Statik G

  • President, Artist, Booking Agent, Tour Manager, Artist Development, Roster Manager and Promoter at RhymeSick
  • CEO and General Manager at myRhymeSick Merchandise
  • CEO and Co-Owner of RhymeSick Studios
  • Producer/Engineer in RhymeSick Studios


J. Campbell:

  • Booking Agent/Tour Manager at RhymeSick
  • Roster Manager at RhymeSick
  • Company Representative at RhymeSick  


Klantus Stign:


Other Managers

J. Suess

  • Networking/Marketing Manager - RhymeSick
  • Company Representative - RhymeSick

M. Stephens: 

  • Merchandise Manager, Office Manager - RhymeSick
  • Inventory Manager - myRhymeSick
  • Company representative 


M. Mendez

  • Networking/Marketing Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Company representative