Miss Behave


Miss Behave - Female Vocalist, Artist, Promoter


    Miss Behave is RhymeSick's first and only female artist, and she's ready to finally introduce herself to the world and reveal what she's been holding back. Her destiny is manifesting itself as we sit. Since relocating to America from her birth place in Australia, Miss Behave has dreamed of being a part of music's growth and was inspired by her mother and peers to follow her voice. Her dreams slowly started coming true when Miss Behave was approached by Statik G about joining RhymeSick's movement after a recording session where the two met. 

     She's the girl next door with a dark side, and Miss Behave isn't afraid to explore it. Before bringing men to their knees with her voice, she was preparing her entire life to utilize her talents; from years of voice lessons to joining several choirs growing up. Now she has the means to reach her goals and we already know she won't stop until she does. Behave's elegantly dynamic, powerful voice resonates long after she's stopped singing, and she plans on having listeners begging for more.


Name: Miss Behave

Lil Miss



(coming soon!)