Monster City


Monster City - Group/Promoters


    Monster City is comprised of two super talented individuals known to the underground as Mesn and Gem. Both artists have worked extremely closely together in the past on other projects including ILL ADVISORY. Though they signed to RhymeSick separately, the two joined forces once again to reform Monster City in the RhymeSick Nation! Expect multiple projects including group and solo work from the two young artists!


Mesn - Artist, Promoter


     Mesn was born and raised in Denver Colorado in the year of 1992. Picking up a pen at the age of 7, Mesn had the dream of climbing his way into the rap game at a very young age. At the age of 12 Mesn put down the pen and picked up a can of spray paint, thinking there's no way he could ever make it in the rap game with so much competition. His pen was collecting dust, but he was still making his mark. 

     After dropping out of High School at 16 years old, Mesn had nothing other to do than work on his rap skills. All day, every day, he continued to practice his rapping by freestyling constantly. When he was alone he felt nothing could stop him from accomplishing his goal.

     He spent years on his grind with various groups and labels, working his way up the ladder as quickly as possible. Mesn is currently in a hip hop group known as Monster City with his partner in crime: Gem, and has opened up for well known acts such as Big Krizz Kalliko, Stevie stone, Esham, Ces Cru, Ill Bill, and Three 6 Mafia! Mesn is also currently working on his fifth solo mixtape titled “Will Rap For Food Vol.2" release date yet to be announced.

     After working so hard for so long, Mesn came into contact with Lex at RhymeSick and started talking about future opportunities. After awhile Mesn and the management team at RhymeSick realized they share a lot of the same visions and goals for their music and their future. Despite RS's hesitance to sign anymore hip hop artists at the time, they all came together and decided it was time to open the ranks for another quality act.

     Though Mesn had been introduced to RhymeSick's old home base of Casper, WY before through Doc Suess, he was reintroduced 9/19/15 and officially signed on to the team that night. Mesn plans on releasing a solo CD on RS and will continue to expand his reach with his new squad as well as his people in TME.

Name: Mesn
The Mes'
Affiliation: Monster City, RhymeSick Nation


Gem - Artist/Promoter


     Gem has been singing and rapping for a few years now and has accrued a loyal following along with her partner, Mesn. Her work with ILL ADVISORY and a few other outlets has earned her notice among notable people and she's been at it even harder as of late.

     After joining RhymeSick officially on 10/10/15, shortly after Mesn, the two agreed to come together once again and bring the world the rebirth of Monster City, this time finding its home in the RhymeSick Nation! Keep your eyes peeled out for this gem!

Name: Gem
Affiliation: Monster City, RhymeSick Nation