News at 4:20


Finally That New BISKIT Album "KRITIKAL NOISE vol.1 ALL BLACK" Is Being Sent Out!!!!


The album thats has given him trouble for the last 2 years is finally on its way out the door to be pressed and finalized!!! "KRITIKAL NOISE vol.1 ALL BLACK" has been written 3 different times and is now ready for the fans... The hard and digital copies will be on the website this month!!!!!!!!!


Big News! AON Tour confirmed!


Statik G's first headlining tour -- biskit back out -- Monster city on their first tour!!


All SORTS of new Merchandise!!


Beanies, T-Shirts, Tour Life, and all that!


New Year, New Music


New music??? When?!


Monster City, Black Trash, Tour End!


Lots of news for that RhymeSick lovin' ass!


New Artist??


We ain't Mesn around, we signed a new artist!


We've been Busy!




RhymeSick is OFFICIAL


Welcome to the RhymeSick Nation




Can there be any more news?!


BACK! Damn!


Too Busy!


Still MORE Music Coming 2014!


Be on the look out!


Tour has Come to an End


Off the road for now, but not for long!


Gritty Musick Tour has started!


Welcome to the Gritty in your City tour!




Holy Shit!


Back on the Road!


Statik's hiatus from tour is shorter than expected!


Two Dual Release Parties?!


BeastEater Musick just had a huge dual CD release - Statik ENT gears up for theirs


Finally Home!


Got plenty of work left to do!


The 2nd Leg Begins!


Killed it on the first leg, ready for more!


Grim Zipper tour off to a good start!


Unexpected Stop Aside, the tour goes on!


Ready For Tour and More!


Statik G going back on tour - also booked for GOREFEST once again!


420 Announcements!


So much news it's ridiculous!


Re-Vamped Website! has been updated to reflect our growing family!


New Artist on Statik ENT!


New Artist, More Merch, big tour announcement, and Statik ENT is now a Label!


Statik opening for T-Pain?!


You can't be serious.. wait.. Is he serious?


Tour #2 down -- much more to come!


Statik ENT is already prepping for the next tour!