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420 Announcements!

    Eyy!! What up fxckers! It's Statik G here for some big updates! I've been locked away in the studio for almost 3 weeks, hitting awesome shows like the Wrekonize/Kung Fu Vampire tour and the T-Pain tour as well as some old home-town fun shxt like performing at the fights. I got almost all of Faded Static done with your boy Fade and I gotta say -- nothing is like it and nothing can touch it. Straight up. We plan on having that ready for release by the time I get off my next tour (mid-late June) so be sure to cop yours when it drops!! I also squeaked out all but 2 songs on The Bad Guy (set to release very late 2014) and some new tracks from 1 up vol. 1! I've been mixing AlpHaMatic's next big release, Status Unstable and will be cranking out Venom's Blood, Sweat, and Cheers next! What else?

     Just ordered some new Statik Gear (beanies and bandanas, Shop Statik will be updated soon) and I'm getting everything together for some special orders that I can't spoil just yet. They're gonna be fxckin' fresh tho, no doubt. Myself and A-Matic are at it again, preparing to go back out on tour! We'll be back in the Snuff Wagon with homies from LSP out of Denver, CO, and may be jumping on another tour directly after that. Depends on our schedule at the time (more details as they surface).. Come fxck with us during the Grim Zipper tour with SCUM, Insane Poetry, and more when we hit America like '50's housewife!

     There's more? Shxt. Okay. Well if you haven't yet, GO CHECK OUT THE 'BOTTOM' MUSIC VIDEO!!! It's Statik's first ever official music video of his own music. While he's been featured in several other music videos as a cameo appearance and has entered contests, but he's never pursued his own videos for lack of quality and professional photographers who could grasp his vision. Earlier this month, Statik made his directorial debut with Bottom after partnering with Blue Bird Productions and filming the mental patient's first official video. More are already in the works, so keep spreading the word!!!

     As many of you know, I'm a hardcore stoner. 4/20 is my favorite holiday and to honor that, I'm adding another strain to our strains of the month. This will be a once yearly annual strain chosen on 4/20 from now on. To find out what the strain is, check the Strain of the Month's feature and look for the Strain of the Year!

     Aight - I'ma let y'all go for now. It's been great, and we got so much more coming your way that it's ridiculous! We love all the support you all have shown and will continue to put out new music and gear and more as long as y'all got Mad Homie Luvv! Statik OUT



 -Statik G

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