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All SORTS of new Merchandise!!

What is up my RhymeSickles? Statik G back at it with some pretty sweet deals for you!

We dropped Gem's new album -- this mixtape is her debut RhymeSick record AND her first ever solo album!! Expect this to be sick wit it and expect much more coming from her on other RS releases including Mesn's new work as well as the group Monster City's!!

That's not all! We also got our first ever, first print, mad-official RhymeSick T-shirts in from sizes Sm-4xl and a VARIETY (emphasis on that word) of RhymeSick beanies from all different styles and colors!! GET IT IN @ myRhymeSick!!!

Merchandise news aside, our boy and RhymeSick's President is heading out on another tour! This time you can find him with Slo Pain, co-Headlining his first ever tour!! Don't sleep on that if it's coming to your city! We'll post a flyer with all upcoming dates soon!

All of our artists have been hard at work getting new music ready for you and performing live every chance they get: Don't sit back and support when they blow up -- go support the squad now and show your love for the team so we know you want more!

All that shit aside, we have an amazingly packed year full of new music from all of the team and performances across the nation! Mad homie luvv guys, stay up and stay tuned!

Klantus Stign



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