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BACK! Damn!

    Whatup y'all?? It's been almost 6 months since the last news update -- not because nothing's been going on, but because we've had so much going on our whole team was busy preparing all these monumental growths! We ended the year with 4 tours completed in one year and geared up to start 2015 with a bang, entering the Snuff Legacy tour with Statik ENT's Dizzle and Statik G!

     We signed Biskit as a member of the Statik ENT team at the beginning of the year during the tour. You may remember him from Statik's group PRESCRxPTION or from the label they used to both be a part of, Death Lab Productions. Either way, he's with our team and ready to put in work and get that sound on the streets. 

     As of today, we're signing a female vocalist, Bridget, to be the leading female voice of the label! She's featured on The Bad Guy and will be working closely with our artists to add to the flavor and talent we already have stacked high. We also have a group we're signing that we haven't announced yet -- stay tuned for that! 

     We've spent a good chunk of time these last 6 months expanding and growing our businesses that reach outside of S.ENT. For example we now can rent sound and lights to various events, our studio capabilities have doubled and we're now operating fully functional in two states (WY/CO), our beat store is live and running at, and we're also working on expanding the music video side of things. We have accomplished a ton of work and still have a lot more work to do. 

     One thing about Statik ENT, is we're about positivity, goal-orientated work, and expansion. Without those things we'll stay the same - and we're not going to stay the same. One other thing that separates us from any other underground label is that we're not focused on genre - we're focused on talent. So much talent lives in the underground, and if we can gather a lot of it in one spot and collaborate to make even greater things happen then why not? 

     We still have more announcements to come so please stay tuned! Don't forget to tell your friends to join the e-mail list and to be a part of the team by following what we do!!

Statik G



It's gonna be RhymeSick 101 now, and it'll be coming up soon. It'll only be available for preorder though, the actual sampler will be coming in Fall
Whens statik ent 101 coming to the shop?

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