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Back on the Road!

    Hello again! The Web Guru is back to drop some random ass news! Statik G and Gritty have been planning on touring together for quite some time -- well now's that time. The last tour Statik did with Gritty Musick was poppin', now it's time to reunite and hit the road once again!

     Statik isn't leaving behind the BeastEater camp either! Though AlpHaMatic is unable to make this one due to a baby about to pop out, Doc Suess is rising to the plate to represent Statik ENT and BeastEater Musick the right way! They will be rocking a bangin' 25 minutes for y'all across America, coast to coast, with Gritty, Yoshi (Gritty Musick), Draztik (Gritty Musick), and the Super Smash Bros out of Austin, Texas!! We'll be hitting the home states HARD with shows across Colorado, Texas, and Wyoming, but will also be going as far west and east as we can! This all begins at the end of August and ends at beginning of Oct!!

     Top all that off with brand new merch coming in, inlcuding Justin Case condoms -- approved by Dr. Good Dick -- new hats, Statik ENT shirts for men and women, and yes, we're finally getting STATIK charms!! Rx charms will be soon to follow along with 'Faded Static', 'Blood, Sweat, and Cheers', and 'Slightly Sober' CDs and shirts! The Casper, WY stop on the tour will be the DUAL CD RELEASE PARTY as well! We'll be releasing Faded Static and Blood, Sweat, and Cheers THAT NIGHT!!! Be ready people, these albums are gonna split your wig back!

    Finally -- we have a big announcement to follow next month as well!! Honestly, all this news is poppin' up so fast I'm having a hard time keeping up!! So if you haven't heard yet, hit up Statik G to book any show in your city and we'll see where you're at on the route!! Mad homie luvv as always, keep that chin up and them eyes forward, soldier!


-Yours Truly-

Klantus Stign


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