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    A'ight family -- we got a pretty big list of announcements! First we'll start with the big one: AlpHaMatic and I (Statik G) have officially signed with LSP. Who is LSP? Lyrikal Snuff Productions, they're a horrorcore label out of Denver, CO and are co-owner of The Roxy Theatre (a venue I frequent often, even before talk of signing). We will be performing like we normally do, as Statik, but he will be a part of all things I do with LSP. All my solo music and solo merchandise will be coming out of LSP and as well, until further notice! The Big Question: What does this mean for Statik Entertainment? Nothing but good things.

     I'm still the President of Statik Entertainment and still will be running it with the 5Dons. I'm still expanding the company and creating a prominent hip hop label with horrorcore influences. I'll still be putting on my artists and making sure they're properly represented as well as seeking new talent to join our cause. Speaking of new talent, we also have a couple new additions to our team! The first is a DJ I've worked with very many times over my years. The second is a producer who will join us and has already contributed to my LSP album as well AlpHaMatic's next project. Lastly we have an artist we're signing from Wyoming who we will not announce until the end of the year, or beginning of next year. 

     Who is the DJ? DJ Funksway of course! He's been working with us since he joined PRESCRxPTION, and will now be joining yours truly with our takeover of the underground hip hop scene! It will take time, but expect it. He's also working on two mixtapes to come out 2015-2016, and one of those is a collab album with myself called "1up". It's definitely something else -- all the songs are totally different than anything I've ever done and I'm happy to add a new music loving homie to the crew. 

     Who is the Producer? KB of Murder Beats! He's been producing for 16 years and has an extensive catalog of beats for all styles of music and all genres. I personally enjoy his versatility because my music is so diverse, to have only one style would cripple the sound. KB will be still be selling beats to anyone who wants quality exclusives, but will be providing our label(s) with an opportunity to make some good art for y'all. They'll both have pages up on asap.

     And if you didn't already know, a couple other announcements to refresh your memory: Statik ENT is going back on tour! I will be going with Gritty Musick across the United States once again, this time bringing Doc Suess! Also, MGK is coming to Casper WY, September 9th and Statik ENT artists Fade and Venom will be opening up and - to my knowledge - are the only local openers! Go show them some love and get their new CDs under SENT as well: Faded Static (releasing Aug 31st at the Gritty in your City tour, Casper, WY) and Blood, Sweat, and Cheers (releasing September 7th at MGK). Be a part of the movement and support your underground music, from hip hop, to battle rap, to horrorcore!!

     I have one final announcement that only you, the person who chose to dig in deeper, will see! We are signing an Artist who isn't out of Wyoming OR Colorado!! We'll be announcing it soon -- Keep your ears open!!! The mystery artist will be revealed tomorrow!!

**UPDATE: The NEW S.ENT Artist is none other than Dizzle of Oklahoma!**


Brief overview, cuz I know it was a lot to take in:


  • Statik G and AlpHaMatic are now signed to Lyrikal Snuff Productions
  • Statik Entertainment will be still be in full force, going even harder than ever
  • DJ KB of Murder Beats is now signed to SE as a Producer
  • DJ Funksway is now signed to SE as the official DJ of Statik Entertainment
  • Faded Static will release August 31st at the Gritty in your City tour in Casper, WY
  • Blood, Sweat and Cheers will release September 7th at the MGK show in Casper, WY
  • Statik G and Doc Suess will be going on tour with Gritty Musick on the Gritty in your City tour
  • Fade and Venom will be opening for MGK, representing Statik Entertainment 
  • New Artist signing to SE is Dizzle


Mad homie luvv, thanks for stayin' tuned -- got more coming!! 


Statik G

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