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Grim Zipper tour off to a good start!

     So the GZ Tour is off to a good start, according to Statik G! They hit a minor hiccup with the van breaking down in Kansas, but merch has been flying off the shelves! He claims by the end of the tour, most of his shirts should be cleared out and more merch will be ordered!

     Apparently, he's decided the Statik shirts you see are one time prints and that if you don't got one, you won't get one so get em while you can!! I heard word that there's some Dr. Good Dick and Homicidal Asshole merch coming soon - I'll tell ya once I find out. Anyway, thanks for the support and for keeping Statik E-N-T in everyone's minds! Mad homie Luvv, Klantus is OUTT THIS BITCH

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