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Monster City, Black Trash, Tour End!

    So what the fuck's up, eh? It's been a minute since I've been able to get on here and update something but we got a good chunk of news since my absence! Back in October I prepared myself for the next tour and had a lot happening on the surface, but even more going on behind closed doors! Well, I've finished that up and during the tour I got some new merch pressed up - be sure to support your red haired homie and pick that shit up HERE!! Shoutout to LSP for the print and to our boy Kingpien for throwin' me on his first headlining run! More work to come guys so stay tuned for show dates and upcoming tours!!!

     If you've been following us on FaceBook or Twitter then you know we immediately added ANOTHER artist to our roster shortly after Mesn. She worked closely with him in the past and was excited to have the chance to continue working together to reform Monster City - GEM has joined our ranks! Her singing is as incredible as her ability to flow and we're happy to have her on board as well as the new group (Monster City, incase you weren't following). 

     Let's move on to the music: Fade just dropped his debut solo mixtape on RhymeSick! It's called Black Trash and it's available with our past tracks at and he's already writing his next project to be his debut album, also on RhymeSick called Brock Christian!! Mesn is hard at work grinding out his new album while him and Gem both work on material for Monster City. Gem is in the studio as we speak pumpin' out her newest fire and RhymeSick exclusive: No Place Like Home! That will be coming sooner than you think. We also have Biskit and Jeneration in the studio getting their next projects ready and Statik G is writing and recording tracks left and right as well for RhymeSick and LSP! Dizzle just dropped some info that his newest CD 'Reclusive' is almost ready too! With so many FIRE releases next year, we're sure to get even more buzz going and 2016 WILL be the YEAR OF RHYMESICK! 

     If you're in the Denver area, be sure to get spend your holidays with us down at the Roxy Theatre! Statik G and RhymeSick soldiers Fade and Monster City will be rockin' Black Xmas 2015 - the 10th annual!! Don't miss that fire! Also, we have Statik G and Monster City rockin' Rittz to kick off the New Year how it should be!! Hit up Statik G or Monster City for tickets!

     Last thing before I go! I'm taking a 'tour break' (I know a good chunk of this year was a tour break) but.. next year I'm goin' hard in the paint. I already locked in a Co-Headlining tour with Slo Pain that should be pretty dope, that'll be happening mid-february and 22 days on of straight shows! I might get on another before that but we'll see how routing lines up. Outside of that, I have another tour in the works, I'll release details once all is confirmed. I've been asked about a couple others that I can't release anything but I'll announce them as I confirm them. Last thing, I'll be dropping my newest album and the next chapter in the Statik Age that will be known as 'All Outta Normal'! Do NOT miss this one!! It'll be available next year, but i don't wanna give out details until the next... year. I want to make sure it's as good as I can make it.  So keep your eyes out for that and if you haven't, follow me at!

If you haven't yet, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter at or at!!! We have a ton of great stuff planned for you next year and for the rest of this year, stay up to day and stay #RhymeSick!



Mad Homie Luvv!

-Statik G

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