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New Artist??

    Yes it's true! I know I have announced multiple times that we closed our ranks for now because I feel like we have a strong, effective roster. However, we found someone who shares many of the same views and goals as us, and after having several opportunities to talk with this person, we've decided to make it official! 

     You may know of him from the waves he and his crew made with ILL ADVISORY - You might have heard of him with his hard work in T.M.E - You might even know him from his battle raps in the Kush n Koffins league - If you don't know him from that or his previous work then you'll know him as RhymeSick's newest artist and team member, MESN!

     He's a Denver artist and will continue to put out good shxt from here out! Mesn has a solo album being presented by RhymeSick Nation coming in the future - if you want to know more about him, check his Biography and if you want some new jams, we'll have a couple ready to stream over at Music: Mesn!

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