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New Artist on Statik ENT!

    Due to some complications with the internet and a busy schedule, I wasn't able to announce this right away - the rumors are true! Statik ENT has officially made the shift from promotional/merchandising company to a full blown record label. With this announcement also comes the newest addition to our expanding team! Please welcome Venom to the ranks!

     He might be my little brother, and we've been working together off and on since my start in the game, but after all this time he's never been signed to any label I've worked with (and there have been plenty). During my first venture into the wild, he stepped up and became my first hype man. Almost a decade later he's finally an official member of my team. 

     Through my online run, my time with the homies in Death Lab, and with all my work with BeastEater Musick/Statik ENT he hasn't had the chance to step up. Now he does. The problem was, he was a hard ass worker. Venom would spend most of his time working states away while I was chipping away at the industry. In order to spend more time on music and with family, he's finally switched jobs. Now he's on the road to ascension with the S.ENT Team!

     In other news, I can finally announce who we're touring with! The LSP family got the Statik name kick started in some other states, and now we're going back on the road to share the stage once again for SCUM's Grim Zipper CD Tour! We'll be going far east and hitting a lot of new spots -- I'll announce those spots when I can! For now, stay tuned fam. 

     I'm also putting in some new orders - per Statik Addict familia requests, I'm ordering a whole set of Black and Red Statik Beanies and re-ordering some bandanas and (hopefully) adding Green to our colors! We're also working on some new designs and those will come soon! I'm talkin some good shxt, I'll be getting some Poppa Pill merch out with some Homicidal Asshole merch as well. Dr Good Dick will be coming, but I'm not sure when. It's a process folks! 

     Finally, I wanna apologize for not being on point the last week - like I said, I had some internet complications and my dude Klantus Stign is on vacation doin' his thing for another week. But who gives a fuck if they don't care - let's keep this shxt goin! 

     Before I let y'all go, I wanted to take a second to thank everyone who's been showing mad homie luvv. It's not easy starting a new label, especially when you have to basically start over and re-build your name. Mad thanks goes out to everyone who's come to show, bought a shirt, shared the music, or reps the clothes to society: you're helping me continue to put out this music I'd give my life for, and there's no amount of thank you's I could dole out to show how much I appreciate it. Keep it real family,

Statik G



Jus showin much respect and love for my killa venom and the team, shit its been awhile, since the last ive actually heard anything outta venom, probably since myspace days when AK - 48 was poppin big for a killa, welcome to the label homie, and keep up the work, the brothers are kickin in gear i see, glad to see the family growin much mad homie love bro keepin it short, good job on the merch Statik ~SpadeWicked

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