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New Year, New Music

    What the hell is up, y'all!? Shit's great on this end: we got a lot to go over so let's just get right to it!

With the end of the year, we have new goals to meet and new music to make. A list of releases is as follows:

  1. Gem, 'No Place Like Home' - January 31st, 2016
  2. Statik G, 'All Out of Normal: Act I' - February, 2016
  3. Dizzle, 'Reclusive' - March 2016
  4. Doc Suess, Untitled / AlpHaMatic, 'Sticks to Stages' - April 2016
  5. Biskit, 'Kritikal Noise vol. 1: All Black' - May 2016

We also have releases from Monster City (AND a solo project from Mesn) plus Jeneration's debut release and the Statik G x DJ Funksway Project, 'Smoke Heavy'. 'All Out of Normal: Act II' will also drop at the end of the year!

If everything stays on schedule, we're looking to give you a brand new release EVERY MONTH ALL YEAR LONG!! So don't move, and stay on top of it!

Also, there's a dope tour coming up that may be coming near you!! The Slo Pain x Statik G tour -- named the Box State Heavyweight tour -- is heading out mid-February and won't stop until mid-March -- stay up to date with the tour by following Statik G on Facebook or Twitter!!

If you haven't yet -- go check out our hefty list of past releases also, including Black Trash by Fade, The Bad Guy and Slightly Sober by Statik G, Move Around by Dizzle, and more! You can find them by Clicking Here!

I got a lot to do so I'm gonna keep this one short -- thanks for checking in and remember -- we got a ton of sick music coming your way, so keep your calendars marked!!

-Statik G 

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