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Re-Vamped Website!

    We've updated the website to reflect our additions! Now Statik, Fade, Venom, and AlpHaMatic ALL have a spot that will point you in all the right directions, no matter what you're looking for! From their Facebook info to music and much more, anything you're looking for will be at your fingertips! As always, if there's anything you see lacking then definitely drop a line in the comments or in e-mail form. 

     In other happ's, we got RED and BLACK beanies coming in at you, the fan's, request! Not only that, we have regular size Statik Bandanas comin' next week for all you Statik Addicts needing your fix! All that and more coming soon to! Is there any merch you'd like to see made soon? Hit us in the comments! We're working on new shirt designs and special deals for the next tour so be ready for that too!!
     For now, that's all the news I'ma bother you fxcks with. Until next time, keep it movin'!


-Klantus Stign

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