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     So what's going on? That's what many of you are asking. Some of you have been following for years, others for mere months. But we're undertaking the biggest event in our history since our creation in 2013: we're re-branding ourselves - not just the label, but everything we do. So what does that mean?
     Statik Entertainment was the new beginning. It was the fresh start Statik G needed to set his music on track. When it grew to something outside of himself, he knew it was time to make a change. So what is Statik ENT now? There are many possibilities, however, for right now Statik ENT will manage the merchandise/albums under RhymeSick. However, all other things will become RhymeSick. Here's a chart below to help explain:

Main Umbrella = RhymeSick / RhymeSick ENT
Statik ENT = RhymeSick Records
BlueBird Productions = RhymeSick Films
BeastEater Musick = RhymeSick Studios
Run307 Productions = RhymeSick Sound and Lights
2Bulls Designs = RhymeSick Graphic Designs
ShopStatik = ShopStatik (for now, new name coming soon)
SDot Productions = SDot Productions 

I hope that helps put things in perspective.

More information on that soon. For now, we'll go to more big news!

Our 2nd artist to be signed outside of management was Venom. He's recently been reinventing himself as well and has become 'Jeneration', a play on his last name, Jensen, and his new music for the next generation. 

Our very first artist to sign, Fade, is putting out his first ever solo album! Titled 'Black Trash', the new CD will drop shortly before..

..the big tour! This tour is an LSP tour featuring SCUM, Liquid Assassin, Smallz one, and Statik G. Not only that, they feature the RhymeSick All stars! In June you can catch Statik G with Biskit, and Dizzle with Fade, featured in a special LSP/RhymeSick exclusive tour!! 

All that, plus Biskit and Statik G are working on their new albums! Kritikal Noise [All Black] and All Out of Normal (respectively) are releasing THIS YEAR!!

There's that and so much more. Thanks for sticking with us! Remember to share the sickness and spread the word!

-Statik G



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