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Statik opening for T-Pain?!

    Hello again friends, family, and haters that keep on lookin' for more reasons to hate -- Statik G here with a random update. I've been telling people how I planned on taking March and April off (as far as shows go--the grind never stops) to hustle up some money and hit the studio hard.. Well I keep getting booked for dope shows, so I couldn't turn em down. 

     So after Blaze ya Dead Homie, I'll be taking 2 weeks before heading to Casper n hitting up the Birthday Bash for me, Doc Suess, and a couple other local cats. In April I'll open up for Kung Fu Vampire and Wrekonize with some 307 fam -- don't miss the show! The following week, T-Pain is comin' to town.

     I've opened up for a few mainstream acts and to be honestly, I usually don't care for the music except maybe a song or two. I gotta say I like quite a few of T-Pain's songs, so it's pretty tight to get the chance to announce that I'll be opening up for him. A lot of my fans are shocked, some didn't believe us at first, but all of 'em are psyched.

     It's also my first chance to perform at the Casper Events Center since MC Viruz, Big Murda, and myself shared the stage as PRESCRxPTION opening up for the Game, way back in like.. 2010 or something. So that in itself is pretty damn fresh. Everyone that gets a chance to go, come show some love! Either way, it'll be a busier-than-normal time for me in the 307, kinda like the old days. I just gotta say -- Let's go!

Mad Homie Luvv,

Statik G 


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