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Tour #2 down -- much more to come!

    Ayy what's poppin' Statik Addicts? While it's always sad to see the tour break off, it's good to have another one done! shout out to all my people in Gritty Musick who held it down on the road for us -- much love to Gritty, Draztik, Flip and Yoshi! Here's to the future!

     Statik ENT and BeastEater Musick have been grinding 10x as hard to bring the world new music with real talent! As much as I would love to tell you all who we're touring with next, I gotta keep it on the down low for now.

     I can say this - all my east coast homies are gonna be stoked to find out the crew on Team #StartStatik will be hitting the east side of the United States this summer! It's already shaping up to be another good run -- I hope all of you are ready for more epic music to be spread and heard! 

     We started this website as a way to help promote Statik's music and as another step in the construction of S.ENT. We never planned on signing anyone or working so closely with other companies like BeastEater (despite Statik's role as co-owner). But as our company and music evolves, so too does our bond. Thus we're happy to announce The BeastEater Musick section of the Statik ENT website!

     Not only does the new section give a brief history of BEM's progression and expansion since 2011, it also gives a taste of some BeastEater music. It's thin pickings right now, but soon it will feature almost as much music as Statik G. We're a family and each label presents a different style of music with each artist. In the end, I promise that most hip hop/horrorcore fans will find something they like in one of the labels. So go check it out when you get a chance! 

     I'm excited to continue working with all the dope people who have been runnin' with S.ENT! Of course, we will continue to grind with our sister label BeastEater Musick, but there's much more to do. Stick around! ;) Klantus is out this bitch -- We got a lot of work to do and we won't stop any time soon! Show some luvv and go bump Statik's music wherever you go! Spread the seed fam!


-Klantus Stign

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