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Two Dual Release Parties?!

    What is up all you Statik Addicts out there?! Klantus here ready for action! Our brother label BeastEater Musick just had a highly successful lake-side Dual CD Release party! Head Beast, AlpHaMatic finally revealed his hometown his newest contraption: Status Unstable! Member of PRESCRxPTION and Lt. of BeastEater, Biskit, has also just dropped HIS newest work: Shoot Me Up with Hip Hop! Status Unstable was a hit on the Grim Zipper Tour with Statik G, SCUM, Insane Poetry, and the rest and is now poppin' off in Casper, WY! You can find both CD's on - wait- BeastEater Musick gear on ShopStatik? That brings us to our next topic!

     Though A-Matic and Statik both have a major part in each other's labels, they have still been kept separate. Today, we're announcing the merge of BeastEater and Statik ENT online! We're still two different labels and companies, but you can now find everything you need about the Wyoming and Colorado based labels on the SAME websites and get all your gear at the same time! So while you're picking up your latest Statik ENT gear, pick up the new BeastEater musick, you won't be disappointed! That doesn't only go for the shop though, you'll be able to find everything you need to know about a Beast here, at Statik Entertainment.

     Moving on, we have another announcement! Venom's LONG awaited CD Blood, Sweat, and Cheers is almost ready for release! With Matic and Statik going on tour and shutting down the studio for a month, things were set back, but the light's back on and we are now in full motion once again! That also means Statik G and Fade's upcoming project, Faded Static, will be ready to blow your minds here pretty damn soon. Release dates are TBA, but they will for sure be released by the end of the summer with another Dual CD Release Party! Catch both CD's there and watch the evolution of Statik ENT unfold!

     As the saying goes, Mad Homie Luvv! Stay wit us homies, we got TONS more music, merch, and everything else coming soon!


Klantus Stign


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