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We've been Busy!

     Yo what up fam?? Quick update for y'all!!

We're blasting off ideas and new shows left and right, be sure to check the calendar on the website to find out when one of us will be in your town next!!

Also: 3 of our artists are about to do the final stretch before they drop their newest records!!

Biskit is dropping Kritikal Noize vol. 1 - his first official RhymeSick album for the label!

Fade is dropping Black Trash - his first solo mixtape on RhymeSick!

..and I, Statik G, and dropping All Out of Normal with LSP!

All of those albums are slated for a 2015 release!! MUCH more in the works as well fam!

Don't forget to drop by and pick up your gear, and rappers go check out our instrumentals at!!


-Statik G

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