The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds.” - JFK


CFO - ArtisT - Producer

Cody Hall aka AlpHaMatic has resided in the cores of RhymeSick since day one. Hailing from Casper, Wyoming - AlpHaMatic is best known for his production and engineering abilities as well as his conscious content. Risen from the rubble and ash of self-destructive behavior, Matic embodies truth through human experience and a healthy distrust for absolute authority. Set for 2021 - AlpHaMatic will be releasing his 4th Volume of the MouthAmatics mixtape series, Partnering with lifelong rap partner Doc Suess and Johnny Slash to bring the world - The Marauders - and is currently gearing up for his 5th solo record release. Always a person before the persona - As above, so below. 

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