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Note to visitors: This is a temporary website to introduce early adopters. Core website launches 08/07/21 !!!!


Original Supply 

0% Burned 

10% Tax on Transactions 

5% Star Dust Distributed to ALL holders 
5% Added to Rhyme$ick Coin liquidity pool aka RS LP 

Benefits from Holding 

Free Star Dust = Real Money 

Holders are rewarded with “Star Dust” which accumulates from half of the 10% transaction tax that accumulates as RhymeSick Coins are bought and sold. 

Star Dust is actual crypto that equates to real RhymeSick Coins distributed directly to your wallet, for free, just for holding the coins! 

HODLer Values 

The holders are constantly benefiting when the value of the RSC crypto-coin increases. They benefit from star dust every single time a new investor buys in or when investors cash out. The coin’s future value also gains room to increase as the supply depletes due to the other 5% transaction tax going to the actual RSC Liquidity Pool which in turn, allows the RSC to stabilize while the dollar value of the RSC gains room to inflate as more holders pour in and out. 

Real People. Real Business. 

Since we have been in business for so long, we understand how far a dollar goes! It serves our company and our supporters much better to make this a long-term integration with real-world utilities based off several patents by our CEO, so fears of rug-pulling can rest. 

This isn’t just a hip hop label making a coin to cash in on a craze, we identified a way to positively impact the WORLD, starting with what we love, the world of MUSIC. Our values and business plan absolutely guarantee our success as long as we continue serving our supporters with consistent opportunities to learn more about money, music and art. 

Real World Utility 

We have many applications for the RSC as well as MANY other SMART COINS to follow which already sets our coin lightyears beyond many alt-coins. Star dust accumulation as well as a real team of fearless leaders willing to do whatever it takes to make sure RSC and our mission succeeds means RSC is a lucrative long term investment. 


The RSC coin is our introduction to the crypto world and the first of many “SMART COINS” to follow with real world applications and utility! These Smart Coins will target specific sectors of business including Music, Life Insurance, Business Loans, Banking, Entertainment, NFTs, Collectibles, Sports, Car and Home Savings, etc — and with star-power of RSC, will be the first to know about future coins! That means future gains for savvy investors.


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Community Link$

R$C - Reddit Community

R$C - Reddit Community

Our Vision: $tar Road 

The Road to Financial Freedom 

In this day and age, too many people suffer from lack of financial education and even worse, are positioned to work for just enough to get by during a time when global economic futures are unsettling. So they’re willing to literally burn the money they earned on the hope it’ll grow by 100x. While 10000x and more is very possible and in reach, and our intention is deliver our supporters / HODL’ers life-changing gains. The truth is, many coins are fundamentally scams made by sketchy people with no true intentions to serve investors or provide real-world applications and uses, who have no ability to fix let alone identify any crippling financial issues plaguing the world (and there’s plenty!) .. Hence the title “Shit Coins” — and new alt-coins have to fight vigorously against whales, uneducated investors, and inner hurdles every minute to prove they’re not one. 

We aim to fix financial inequality. In order to fill the gap between rich and poor, our long-term mission is to provide tools and resources for people of all ages and backgrounds to seek financial education for free, which we hope will be a step in the right direction, and in turn lead to true financial freedom for many. Financial freedom means more time to make art, more time to spend with family, more time for love, and more time to change the world for the better. 

We intend on doing several AMA throughout our development to track our progress and create deadlines that will serve our community backing the R$C! Transparency is what our company was founded with when our CEO quit working at 23 years old, starting his first business from $0 and building it into a 7 figure, independent music machine. As a father of a 2 year old himself in a team filled with hard-working entrepreneurs / parents, we have no intention to mislead our holders and will be fully transparent throughout our launch. Again, we want to see everyone win and we know that commUNITY support is the only way true success is built. Through our roadmap we’ll keep our holders up to date. In the music industry deadlines are key so we understand how important that is to generating revenue and increasing value. Our roots stem from our business as a record label, booking agency, studio, self-made artists, etc.. so you have no worries that we will commit to our deadlines and be realistic with our abilities and expectations. 

Our tireless decade-plus long efforts in the hip hop industry coupled with COVID’s recent impact on the music world is what lead us to trying to change the world, evening out the gap between rich and poor by utilizing what we know best: art and music., to make the biggest, most positive impact possible. We couldn’t do it alone though, so we launched this idea to help good people like us who have struggled too long and wish to finally take control of their lives! Rhyme$ick Coin is a one small step to financial freedom, and one giant LEAP for mankind!

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